Cold Patch by Sherry Morris

It always starts with something small. I’m in the kitchen, putting away the shopping, when a raspberry tumbles from its punnet. Rolls across the granite kitchen counter. Drops onto the parquet floor. A shiver travels up my spine.

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Podcast #2

In this episode we discuss our poetry editors new collection and the second edition. Plus, there is a fantastic interview with Martha Lane Featuring music by Luke Starling – find more at

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Poems by Wendy Allen

Wendy Allen has ‘A Legitimate Snack’ coming out soon with Broken Sleep and is due to have poems appear in Atrium and Re-Side. She is starting an MA in creative Writing at Oxford Brookes in September and is mentored by Richard Scott.

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Poems by Sarah Ziman

Sarah Ziman is a poet from Wales who likes cats, crisps, cake, reading and rhyme. She dislikes writing bios. She won the YorkMix Poems for Children Prize 2021, and enjoys annoying her own children by forcing them on nature walks or ‘dragging them into antique shops’.

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Podcast #1

Welcome Aboard! In this episode you’ll learn about how Northern Gravy came to be, the realities of doing an MA in creative writing, the rigours of applying for Arts Council funding and hear an exclusive […]

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Stripes by Julie Hayman

He’s drawn a tiger in crayon. White paper shows through the orange and black stripes. The eyes are slanted and green, malevolent as poison ivy. Broccoli trees surround the tiger, and a sky-blue river meanders from one side of the page to the other.

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