It’s Coming Home!

Don’t worry, we haven’t taken leave of our senses and abandoned new writing in favour of turning Northern Gravy into a football periodical. But the title is very apt, because we are, quite literally, bringing it home.
Which home, specifically? Why, yours, of course! If you’ll have us, that is.
It gives us enormous pleasure to announce several things, which we’ll be covering in due course, the first of which is Northern Gravy Live At Home! We’ve always been upfront about wanting to do live events, it’s always been a big part of our mission statement and purpose to bring you the best in new writing, and so we’re going to do just that with a series of fantastic live performances, beamed direct to your homes through the technological marvel of the internet.
Our first event, on December 8th, will feature the wonderful poetry pairing of Louise Fazackerley and JP Seabright, with the incomparable Ralph Dartford as your compère for the evening. Tickets are £5, with £3 concessions, and you can find all the information and book your spot via:


Secondly, the next episode of the Northern Gravy Podcast is now available! There’s no special guest for this one, what you get is half an hour of scintillating badinage between Jonny, Ralph, and Nick as they chat through some more important announcements. We also run through some important tips and advice for submitting to us, so if you’re planning to send us work in the near future, it’s not one to miss. You can listen to it now on our website, or download it from wherever you choose to get podcasts from.
What’s that? You want MORE? Hungry today, aren’t you? Oh alright, but don’t spoil your supper.
Drum roll please…
We’re just finalising the dates, but expect an announcement imminently as to when we’ll be putting to sea in the Good Ship Gravy in search of a haul of the freshest new writing. What makes this next edition notable (beyond it being the first of year 2!) is that we’ll each be selecting FOUR pieces of work to publish, instead of three, so there’ll be even more to read and an even greater chance of it being your work we select. Keep your eyes on twitter (@NorthGravy) and your inboxes for news of when we’re open for submissions again.
Lastly, but definitely not least-ly, stand by for much, much more from us soon. We’re finalising many exciting things, including mentorship opportunities, new ways you can help keep the Gravy boat afloat by supporting us, more live events, and Northern Gravy merchandise! There’s so many exciting things on the horizon, it’s going to be an incredible year.
Anyway, that’s quite enough from us for now, we’ll see ourselves out, and hopefully you’ll be seeing us soon at our inaugural live event! It’s going to be a lot of fun, and with no risk of us trekking muddy footprints onto your carpets.
Take care,
Ralph, Jonny, and Nick

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