An introduction to the sixth edition

If three is the magic number, then what does that make six? Double magic? We’re sure there’s probably an idea in there for a novel involving a rogue mathematician learning magic, but that’s another story for another time.
The story for now, however, is all about Northern Gravy.
First, and most importantly, our sixth edition is now out! Yes, you read that right, you can now adjust your tillers and splice your mainsails as you direct your browsers over to to read the wonderful new work we have to share with you. There’s some truly heart-stopping Poetry, wildly inventive KidLit, and a some haunting and thought provoking fiction to dive into. All of it new, all of it fresh, and all of it hand selected to delight and tantalise you. Also, there’s a new blog from Louie Stowell which is bloomin’ marvellous!
You can’t start a paragraph with “first” without having something else to follow up with, and by heck have we got some big news… We’re funded for year two! You may have seen this already on our twitter @northgravy (and if you haven’t, you’re really missing out!), but we’re overjoyed to say we’ll be continuing on our mission to pilot the Gravy Boat into uncharted waters of brand new writing to discover unpublished voices and brilliant new talents.
Thank you to everyone who joined us for year one, you’re special and wonderful people, and to those who’ve just found us, welcome aboard! Bright things are on the horizon.
Ralph, Jonny, and Nick
A word from our Poetry Editor, Ralph Dartford
The poems chosen for this edition startle on a myriad of levels. They inhabit, question, and argue with the page, the invasion of the black on white. Here are poems of historical rage, the meditation and reflection of art – how that can trigger the deepest personal and universal responses. Here are poems that understand the passing of time and how we live, die, and fight today. The poets chosen are all at the top of their game and it’s a privilege to publish them. Read on with care and with your hand close to your heart.
A word from our Fiction Editor, Nick Jones
Whether they be confessional, fantastical, or anarchical, the stories chosen for this edition all have one unifying quality: voice. Though the trajectory of each may be wildly different, the command of prose each writer shows is second to none. Masterful work, and hopefully inspiring to you and your own writing.
A word from our Kid Lit Editor, Jonny Syer
For this edition i’ve chosen pieces that reflect the inner formative struggle within children. Adolescents last a lifetime, we forget just how much we learn to grow within the delicate “Kid Lit” years. Joy to jealousy, laughter to lament. A true pleasure to publish each of these.
Guest Article
Our sixth article is written by the hilarious author of magic, gods and monsters, Louie Stowell. It’s about “How to write funny books for children” and contains all the good things that Louie uses to write her amazing Loki series. 
We hope you enjoy reading our sixth edition as much as we have enjoyed curating it. Northern Gravy continues to break down barriers by paying every writer they feature.
As ever, we would like to thank our friends and advisors: Arts Council England, Writing on the Wall, Sheffield Hallam University, Writing East Midlands, New Writing North, Spread the WordHarper North, and Bradford Literature Festival.

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