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About Me.

I am the web designer and brand manager behind the Literary Periodical, Northern Gravy. As a writer myself, it is my experience that many writers and authors would love to have their own websites but are simply unsure of where to start. Let me help guide you through what a writer does and doesn’t need on a website in the modern publishing world. I would love to show you what a modern writer’s website can be, and to discuss what your website needs, from entirely new projects to simple updates.



I’m a big believer in transparent pricing. It’s not a secret that websites cost money, but they don’t have to cost the earth. There are plenty of free and monthly website builders out there, but often, like a mobile phone contract, if you pay more upfront you save in the long run. More than that, you will own 100% of your website by using our service. Take a look at my pricing for a rough guide of what to

Please note, these prices are provided as a guideline, and may vary with additional costs such as hosting requirements, templates and purchasing domain names.

A 50% deposit is required before any work takes place, with the final amount paid before formally releasing the website to you.

Best of all, a percentage of money you pay will be donated to Northern Gravy to help pay our writers. So not only do you get a professional, affordable website that showcases your talents, you get to help nurture other writers as they look to follow in your footsteps.


What's included?

More detail.

How does it all really work? I’ve added this additional section for those of you who would like a further breakdown of the services offered and the pricing. If you’re interested in a detailed guide about website costs, I would recommend those on and Writer websites are an investment into your career and overall brand as a writer. Think of them as your online business card, a chance to showcase yourself in a professional light and make a great first impression to readers, agents, publishers and periodicals. Whether you’re pushing book sales or just starting out, a website is a great way of letting those in the industry know what you’re up to. We provide websites for writers for the long term. Once you have purchased a website from Northern Gravy you will own 100% of the website, keeping the on-going costs to a minimum throughout your career. From here you will continue to pay the yearly costs of a domain name and hosting (usually around £50 for a basic package). Many writers will then learn to update their websites themselves, and if you need help with this we can teach you for a small additional charge.

When purchasing a website from Northern Gravy you are getting:

  • A domain name (1 year, after this the cost is usually between £5 and £20 a year depending on your domain name).
  • Hosting (1 year, after this the cost for basic hosting is around £30 per year).
  • A pre-set theme that will allow you, if you wish, to update your website yourself. Alternatively for a small additional cost we can update it for you.
  • Future proofing. Your website will be able to grow and adapt along with your writing career.
  • The ability to sell products through your website (Business package only).
  • The warm fuzzy feeling that a percentage of your fee will go towards paying the writers we publish.

Northern Gravy can help you build and manage a website suitable for a career as a writer. We pride ourselves on the personal, impartial feedback we provide to writers, and the same philosophy of integrity and honesty also applies to our web design offerings: If you don’t need it, we won’t sell it to you.


Let's talk.

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