Beans on Bread

About the Project

Over the last year, Northern Gravy partnered with Damien John Kelly House, managed by Vitality Homes.
Damian John Kelly House is an abstinence-based recovery living centre, for adult males based in Liverpool. Their aim is to provide recovery from addiction via arts, sport and culture, with the belief that they will lead to purpose, belonging and connection.

John Kelly House produced an anthology called ‘Beans on Bread’ that was born out of creative writing sessions over a period of a year. This is a powerful and insightful collection of unfiltered writing from a selection of past and present residents, with a glaring and unsentimental eye on living life on life terms. Northern Gravy are delighted and honoured to share the anthology here.

The lead creative writing tutor for the project, Toria Garbutt describes the results as a kaleidoscope of recollection, insight, and contemplation. An honest embrace of the human experience, illuminating the flawed and beautifully imperfect. A collection rich in humorous introspection and playful experimentation; bold in its vulnerability and above all, undeniably human.

Writer, PJ Smith, who co tutored the project and who also works at Damien John Kelly House as ‘Recovery Lead’ says this of the project, “This collection is good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, double double good, double double good”.

Here at Northern Gravy, we could not agree more!

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