Northern Gravy

Est. 2021


April 2021

Submissions open

may 2021

First Edition

1st July

Welcome To

Northern Gravy

What do we want?

One word: Writing. If you write, we want to read it. We don’t care about genre or form. We want your poems. We want your lyrics. We want your stories and tales and yarns and novels. We want experimental fiction. We want cosy kitchen sink dramas. We want murder mysteries, local histories and Science Fiction Fantasies. Writing for identity. Writing for posterity. We want your horror. We want your laughter. We want writing for children, for young adults, for actual adults and everything in between.

We want you.


What's it all about?


We want to see fiction, regardless of genre, it’s quality that matters. We want work that shows us something: a place, a feeling, a moment, a character. Take us somewhere, take hold of us, and don’t let go.


We want to experience poetry that ignites the desolate white spaces of the page and burns brightly long afterwards. Poems that can’t be extinguished in neither a reader’s heart nor head. Poetry that can be eventually owned.

Young Adult

We want to see YA that takes us on an adventure, stories that show us worlds beyond our imaginations. We want to read YA that makes us laugh, makes us cry and allows us to step into the characters lives.


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Guest Bloggers

Thought provoking, sometimes controversial and always essential: Opinions and answers from the most important writers, poets, publishers and creators.


Packed with news from the world of publishing, exclusive readings and new writers discussing their work, here’s where you can hear the most exciting voices in new fiction and poetry.



Books, books and more books! Check out the ones that catch our eye and make us tick. 

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The Team

Jonny Syer

Young Adult editor

Nick Jones

Fiction editor

Ralph Dartford

Poetry editor



Northern Gravy exists to help showcase the best new talents in writing with a distinct and original flavour. However, this would not be possible without the support of select individuals and organisations. To the following, we give thanks.

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